Online Counseling User's Guide

Set your e-mail notification options

You can elect to receive e-mail notification when borrowers complete counseling. You have several options for each counseling type:

  • Individual—One e-mail sent per counseling session at the time the session is completed
  • Batch—One daily e-mail per counseling type, listing all borrowers who completed counseling during the prior business day
  • None—No messages sent to notify you when borrowers complete counseling. If you select none, you still can elect to receive a message on occasions when borrowers enter a question or comment on the counseling record.

The e-mail notification contains limited information, as e-mail is not secure. You still will need to retrieve counseling records so you can retain them per record retention requirements.

You can review or update your e-mail notification settings as follows:

  1. Login to your Access Area
  2. Click on Customize counseling
  3. Click on Notification Options
  4. Choose the appropriate counseling type
  5. If you make a change, click the Apply Changes button

YYou can enter one or multiple e-mail addresses (separate the addresses with a semi-colon and a space).