Online Counseling User's Guide

Understand the borrower process

  1. You instruct the borrower to complete counseling requirement
    • Visit Mapping Your Future home page and click on “complete Online Counseling” link on the left
    • Visit school website and follow link to individual counseling session (preferably link goes to your customized counseling start page)
  2. The borrower can begin the counseling session anytime, anywhere - from home, from a computer lab, and even in another country.
  3. The borrower reads and follows the instructions, reading the counseling content, and correctly answering the questions.
  4. Once the borrower has completed all the questions correctly, he or she completes an online form to provide information, including data required by regulations. The borrower reviews the information submitted on the form, confirms that all is correct, and clicks the submit button.
  5. The borrower receives a confirmation number and a page summarizing the information submitted and the rights and responsibilities statement. The borrower should print this page or make a note of the confirmation number.
  6. The borrower clicks the Exit button.
  7. If you are using end URL customization, the Internet browser will be directed to the next website.

Printable counseling instruction flyers are available for you to print and distribute to borrowers.