Online Counseling User's Guide

Retain documentation of counseling sessions

You should regularly retrieve loan counseling records. You are responsible for ensuring borrowers complete loan counseling interviews and maintaining evidence per record retention requirements.

While Mapping Your Future isn't a record keeper, we currently keep the most recent six months of counseling records online. You can retrieve counseling records as follows:

Retrieve paper counseling records

  1. Login to your Access Area
  2. Click on Retrieve counseling records
  3. Select the appropriate option:
    • One day: Download or print confirmation reports for one day. You can view all counseling types or choose a specific counseling type.
    • Date range: Download or print confirmation reports for a specific date range or since the last time you viewed or downloaded them by clicking on the "Get new records only" button.
    • Custom criteria: Search specific fields (e.g., one or more counseling types, confirmation number, SSN, phone, city, state, zip code, and test date) for your report.
    • Download counseling records: Export counseling records to import into your school's system. See more information below.
    • Search: Select the counseling type and search by confirmation number (if completed in the last 14 days), last name, or Social Security number.
    • Archived records request: Request records that are six to 36 months old. See more information below.

Downloading counseling records

  1. Login to the Access Area
  2. Mouse over Retrieve records
  3. Click on Download electronic counseling records
  4. Select the counseling type
  5. Determine if you want to select "Get new records" (since the last record download) or enter a date range
  6. Select the sort order and whether you want the records ascending or descending
  7. Select the format of the report. You have the option of a delimited format (.txt or .csv), XML, or WDDX. If you select the "delimited format" for electronic files:
    • Determine if you want "column names." This will help identify each of the fields in the downloaded file.
    • Then choose the column delimiter (comma, semi-colon, tab, and vertical bar) and the text qualifier (double quotes or single quotes).
    • Select the file extension (.txt or .csv).
      • Text is similar to what many refer to as a flat file of data.
      • The .csv format looks similar to an Excel spreadsheet and may open using Microsoft Excel on your computer. You can manipulate the files in Excel and delete or move fields, as needed.

Once you've downloaded the files, you will need to upload it in your system. Depending on your software or mainframe, you may be able to directly upload the file or may need an interface with your system. Contact the Mapping Your Future staff for more information about uploading counseling data electronically and the SchoolExpress process.

Request archived records

You can request records that are 6 to 36 months old as follows:

  1. Login to the Access Area
  2. Click on Archives
  3. Complete the form with your information. You have several report options:
    1. Printable individual counseling records in RTF Format
    2. Delimited format: CSV (to open in an Excel spreadsheet; recommended format for a large number of records or a large date range)
    3. Delimited format: TXT
    4. WDDX
    5. XML
  4. The Mapping Your Future staff will create the report manually and send you a notification e-mail when the report is ready for you to retrieve. They may verify your request first by calling you.

You must retrieve the archived reports within 10 calendar days as follows:

  1. Log into the Access Area
  2. Click on Archives
  3. Right-click on the file name and “Save Target As” (choose where you would like to save the document)
  4. Go to the file where you saved the document, open the file, and print as needed

Since archived reports are available for a limited time, so it’s important to retrieve the report once it is available. If you don’t receive notification in four business days that the report is available, please check the Archives area for the availability of the file.

Create an automated method for retrieving data

Mapping Your Future offers SchoolExpress, which enables you to retrieve data electronically for automatic upload to financial aid management systems. There are several advantages of SchoolExpress:

  • Increased time savings
  • Faster processing of loan proceeds through an automated process
  • Secure transmission of borrower data

SchoolExpress may require you to do some programming. To request documentation, contact us.