Online Counseling User's Guide

Account information

Basic account information can be found inside the Access Area. Information includes the school name, email, and phone number on record with Mapping Your Future. If any of the information needs updated, you may contact us with the updated information.

Super users for schools will have a "Manage Users" link on the left navigation bar and on the Account information page.

Information about the Third-Party Servicer Contract is displayed on the page.

Manage Users

Mapping Your Future requires each user to have his or her own user name and password to better protect borrower's private data. Users may not share their user name and password with anyone.

Each school establishes a super user when electing to participate in Online Counseling. Other staff can request additional access to the account by completing the additional user request form.  Once the additional user request form is completed, the super user will receive an e-mail message requesting approval of the additional user, as follows: 

  1. Log in to the Access Area 
  2. Click on Account information
  3. Click on Manage users
  4. Scroll down on the page to find the request in the “pending approval” area
  5. Select the access level for the user:
    • Account access gives the additional user the ability to change account settings, notification options, customize the counseling, and retrieve data. Account access users won't have the ability to authorize new users.
    • Retrieval access gives the user the ability to retrieve data only. 
    • SchoolExpress is the same as retrieval access; however, this ID is set up for an automated process 
  6. Ensure the status is set to Authorized 
  7. Click the Update button for the user

After the super user authorizes the additional user, the additional user will receive an e-mail message advising him or her that access is approved and indicating the user name.

The account super user must inactivate additional staff member's access when the staff member leaves employment or no longer needs access to the Access Area. To deactivate an additional user, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Access Area 
  2. Click on Manage users
  3. Change the status field for the authorized user to Inactive 
  4. Click the Update button

Access tips:

  • Super users should take care not to approve the same staff member multiple times for the same account when a user name is already outstanding for that staff member and account. Deny duplicate requests to prevent multiple user names for the same account.
  • If you previously had access and your user name was inactivated, the system will assign a number before the @ sign in the user name.  Pay close attention to the system-generated approval message for the correct user name.

Third-Party Servicer Contract

Mapping Your Future was designated a third-party servicer by the U.S. Department of Education., Mapping Your Future developed the Third-party servicer contract for schools with active Access Area accounts. The appropriate staff member at the school can review the contract online, printing if necessary, and sign to acknowledge the contract online.

To access the Third-party servicer contract, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Access Area
  2. Click on Account information or click Complete Third-Party Servicer Contract link on the Access Area home page
  3. Review contract online, can print or save unsigned copy, as needed
  4. Enter Name and Title and click I Agree button
  5. Print and/or save completed copy for your records

A copy of the completed contract can be accessed at any time by returning to the Account information page.