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Apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan

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When to apply

To apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan, your loans must be in a grace period or in repayment.

Grace period: Some student loans include a grace period of six or nine months before you are required to begin repaying them. This grace period begins the day after you stop attending school at least half time. For some loan types, the government pays the interest on your behalf during the grace period. Since your grace period ends once a consolidation is complete, you could be waiving (giving up) part of your grace period by consolidating during that time. This waiver is permanent-- you can't reverse it.

You also can consolidate if your loans are in a deferment or default status, but some rules might apply.

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How to apply

Apply through the website.

It is critical that you continue making payments, if required, to the holders or servicers of the loans you want to consolidate until your consolidation servicer informs you that the underlying loans have been paid off.

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