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Details for Radiologic Technicians


Maintain and use equipment and supplies necessary to demonstrate portions the human body on x-ray film or fluoroscopic screen for diagnostic purposes.


  • Use beam-restrictive devices and patient-shielding techniques to minimize radiation exposure to patient and staff.
  • Position x-ray equipment and adjust controls to set exposure factors, such as time and distance.
  • Position patient on examining table and set up and adjust equipment to obtain optimum view of specific body area as requested by physician.
  • Determine patients' x-ray needs by reading requests or instructions from physicians.
  • Make exposures necessary for the requested procedures, rejecting and repeating work that does not meet established standards.
  • Process exposed radiographs using film processors or computer generated methods.
  • Explain procedures to patients to reduce anxieties and obtain cooperation.
  • Perform procedures such as linear tomography, mammography, sonograms, joint and cyst aspirations, routine contrast studies, routine fluoroscopy and examinations of the head, trunk, and extremities under supervision of physician.
  • Prepare and set up x-ray room for patient.
  • Assure that sterile supplies, contrast materials, catheters, and other required equipment are present and in working order, requisitioning materials as necessary.
  • Maintain records of patients examined, examinations performed, views taken, and technical factors used.
  • Provide assistance to physicians or other technologists in the performance of more complex procedures.
  • Monitor equipment operation and report malfunctioning equipment to supervisor.
  • Provide students and other technologists with suggestions of additional views, alternate positioning or improved techniques to ensure the images produced are of the highest quality.
  • Coordinate work of other technicians or technologists when procedures require more than one person.
  • Assist with on-the-job training of new employees and students, and provide input to supervisors regarding training performance.
  • Maintain a current file of examination protocols.
  • Operate mobile x-ray equipment in operating room, emergency room, or at patient's bedside.
  • Provide assistance in radiopharmaceutical administration, monitoring patients' vital signs and notifying the radiologist of any relevant changes.
  • Prepare contrast material, radiopharmaceuticals and anesthetic or antispasmodic drugs under the direction of a radiologist.
  • Operate digital picture archiving communications systems.


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