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Details for Billing, Posting, and Calculating Machine Operators


Operate machines that automatically perform mathematical processes, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to calculate and record billing, accounting, statistical, and other numerical data. Duties include operating special billing machines to prepare statements, bills, and invoices, and operating bookkeeping machines to copy and post data, make computations, and compile records of transactions.


  • Enter into machines all information needed for bill generation.
  • Train other calculating machine operators, and review their work.
  • Operate special billing machines to prepare statements, bills, and invoices.
  • Operate bookkeeping machines to copy and post data, make computations, and compile records of transactions.
  • Reconcile and post receipts for cash received by various departments.
  • Prepare transmittal reports for changes to assessment and tax rolls, redemption file changes, and for warrants, deposits, and invoices.
  • Encode and add amounts of transaction documents, such as checks or money orders, using encoding machines.
  • Balance and reconcile batch control totals with source documents or computer listings in order to locate errors, encode correct amounts, or prepare correction records.
  • Compute payroll and retirement amounts, applying knowledge of payroll deductions, actuarial tables, disability factors, and survivor allowances.
  • Maintain ledgers and registers, posting charges and refunds to individual funds, and computing and verifying balances.
  • Compute monies due on personal and real property, inventories, redemption payments and other amounts, applying specialized knowledge of tax rates, formulas, interest rates, and other relevant information.
  • Verify and post to ledgers purchase orders, reports of goods received, invoices, paid vouchers, and other information.
  • Assign purchase order numbers to invoices, requisitions, and formal and informal bids.
  • Verify completeness and accuracy of original documents such as business property statements, tax rolls, invoices, bonds and coupons, and redemption certificates.
  • Bundle sorted documents to prepare those drawn on other banks for collection.
  • Transcribe data from office records, using specified forms, billing machines, and transcribing machines.
  • Sort and list items for proof or collection.
  • Send completed bills to billing clerks for information verification.
  • Transfer data from machines, such as encoding machines, to computers.
  • Sort and microfilm transaction documents, such as checks, using sorting machines.
  • Observe operation of sorters to locate documents that machines cannot read, and manually record amounts of these documents.
  • Compile, code, and verify requisition, production, statistical, mileage, and other reports which require specialized knowledge in selecting the totals used.
  • Clean machines, and replace ribbons, film, and tape.


Education, Training, Experience



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