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Details for Employment Interviewers


Interview job applicants in employment office and refer them to prospective employers for consideration. Search application files, notify selected applicants of job openings, and refer qualified applicants to prospective employers. Contact employers to verify referral results. Record and evaluate various pertinent data.


  • Inform applicants of job openings and details such as duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, schedules, working conditions, and promotion opportunities.
  • Interview job applicants to match their qualifications with employers' needs, recording and evaluating applicant experience, education, training, and skills.
  • Review employment applications and job orders to match applicants with job requirements, using manual or computerized file searches.
  • Select qualified applicants or refer them to employers, according to organization policy.
  • Perform reference and background checks on applicants.
  • Maintain records of applicants not selected for employment.
  • Instruct job applicants in presenting a positive image by providing help with resume writing, personal appearance, and interview techniques.
  • Refer applicants to services such as vocational counseling, literacy or language instruction, transportation assistance, vocational training and child care.
  • Contact employers to solicit orders for job vacancies, determining their requirements and recording relevant data such as job descriptions.
  • Conduct workshops and demonstrate the use of job listings to assist applicants with skill building.
  • Search for and recruit applicants for open positions through campus job fairs and advertisements.
  • Provide background information on organizations with which interviews are scheduled.
  • Administer assessment tests to identify skill building needs.
  • Conduct or arrange for skill, intelligence, or psychological testing of applicants and current employees.
  • Hire workers and place them with employers needing temporary help.
  • Evaluate selection and testing techniques by conducting research or follow-up activities and conferring with management and supervisory personnel.


Education, Training, Experience



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