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Code   Career Name
11-3011.00   Administrative Services Managers
11-2011.00   Advertising and Promotions Managers
11-9011.03   Aquacultural Managers
11-1011.00   Chief Executives
11-3041.00   Compensation and Benefits Managers
11-3021.00   Computer and Information Systems Managers
11-9021.00   Construction Managers
11-9011.02   Crop and Livestock Managers
11-9039.99   Education Administrators, All Other
11-9032.00   Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School
11-9033.00   Education Administrators, Postsecondary
11-9031.00   Education Administrators, Preschool and Child Care Center/Program
11-9041.00   Engineering Managers
11-9011.00   Farm, Ranch, and Other Agricultural Managers
11-9012.00   Farmers and Ranchers
11-3031.00   Financial Managers
11-3031.02   Financial Managers, Branch or Department
11-9051.00   Food Service Managers
11-9061.00   Funeral Directors
11-9071.00   Gaming Managers
11-1021.00   General and Operations Managers
11-3040.00   Human Resources Managers
11-3049.99   Human Resources Managers, All Other
11-3051.00   Industrial Production Managers
11-1031.00   Legislators
11-9081.00   Lodging Managers
11-9199.99   Managers, All Other
11-2021.00   Marketing Managers
11-9111.00   Medical and Health Services Managers
11-9121.00   Natural Sciences Managers
11-9011.01   Nursery and Greenhouse Managers
11-9131.00   Postmasters and Mail Superintendents
11-9141.00   Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers
11-2031.00   Public Relations Managers
11-3061.00   Purchasing Managers
11-2022.00   Sales Managers
11-9151.00   Social and Community Service Managers
11-3071.02   Storage and Distribution Managers
11-3042.00   Training and Development Managers
11-3071.01   Transportation Managers
11-3071.00   Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers
11-3031.01   Treasurers and Controllers