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Code   Career Name
15-2011.00   Actuaries
15-1011.00   Computer and Information Scientists, Research
15-1021.00   Computer Programmers
15-1071.01   Computer Security Specialists
15-1031.00   Computer Software Engineers, Applications
15-1032.00   Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software
15-1099.99   Computer Specialists, All Other
15-1041.00   Computer Support Specialists
15-1051.00   Computer Systems Analysts
15-1099.02   Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
15-1061.00   Database Administrators
15-2099.99   Mathematical Science Occupations, All Other
15-2091.00   Mathematical Technicians
15-2021.00   Mathematicians
15-1071.00   Network and Computer Systems Administrators
15-1099.03   Network Designers
15-1081.00   Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
15-2031.00   Operations Research Analysts
15-1099.01   Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers
15-2041.00   Statisticians
15-1099.05   Web Administrators
15-1099.04   Web Developers