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Managing delivery of exit records to guarantors or NSLDS

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Regulations require that schools send Direct Loan and Direct PLUS exit counseling records to guaranty agencies and the Direct Loan Program within 60 days of the borrowers completing counseling. Mapping Your Future’s ExitExpress allows you to meet this requirement easily:

ExitExpress offers you several benefits:

Ensure guarantors retrieve data

You ARE still responsible for ensuring the guaranty agency retrieves their exit data within 60 days of the borrower completing counseling. You have several options for determining this in your Access Area:

Correct a record or add a guarantor to a record

Counseling records for which Mapping Your Future can't match a guarantor will appear in the No Guarantor Found for This SSN or Date of Birth or No Response from the Clearinghouse sections of the Guarantor Exception Report.

If Mapping Your Future has corrected an exit record, an incorrect guarantor is assigned, or if no guarantor is assigned, you can update that information by adding the correct guarantor for that borrower:

If the record was previously listed under problem categories such as Guarantor Not Found or No Response from Clearinghouse, once you have confirmed the record is listed appropriately under the guarantor(s), you can click to remove the record from the problem category.

Retrieve exit records for Direct Loan Borrowers

Run the Guarantor Exception Report to determine which Direct Loan exit records you need to send to the Direct Loan Program. Click the "Create file for NSLDS upload" link under the "Exit records available for NSLDS upload" category on the report to request these records in the NSLDS Exit Counseling Submittal Template.

NOTE: Previously this category on the report was named "DEPT OF EDUCATION - DIRECT LOANS/NSLDS." Due to the timing of changing the logic behind this report, you may have records under both "DEPT OF EDUCATION - DIRECT LOANS/NSLDS" and "Exit records available for NSLDS upload." Records may only need to be exported from one of these categories. Once you export the records and flag them as retrieved, the records no longer will appear under the "Exit records available for NSLDS upload" and/or "DEPT OF EDUCATION - DIRECT LOANS/NSLDS" category on the Guarantor Exception Report.

After exporting records via this process, you must upload them to NSLDS to satisfy the requirement to make Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized, and Direct PLUS exit records available to the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. See for more details on how to upload records. Some records may reject if student data does not match NSLDS. In this case, you can correct the record on the NSLDS submittal template and resubmit the record.