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Student loan advice for troops and their families

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With many National Guard and Ready Reserves being called to active duty and U.S. troops being deployed or reassigned to other duty stations, student loan repayment may be one of the issues on the minds of soldiers and their families.

To avoid becoming delinquent on your student loans, consider the following tips:

Federal student loan relief

Student loan relief provisions apply to borrowers who:

If you have loans in an in-school, grace period, or in-school deferment status, you may have that loan status extended for up to three years during your active duty service. If you have defaulted student loans, your loan holder will cease collection activities during your active duty service.

You may be eligible for an active duty or military service deferment. To qualify, you must be serving on active duty or performing National Guard duty during a war, military operation, or national emergency (or be in the 180-day period following your demobilization date). Your loan holder must grant a deferment based on your request or a request from a family member or other reliable source. They may accept an oral request. Read more about deferments.

Contact your loan holder for more information. Also, you may want to inquire if your military unit has someone designated to assist you with student loan questions.