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April 28, 2021

Making predictions

When the pandemic hit a little over a year ago, I thought the national emergency might last a few weeks and then things would get back to normal.

It makes me just want to tousle the hair of that na´ve and innocent version of my former self and say, "Gosh, you're optimistic!"

But, with the news this morning that some of the mask guidelines are being relaxed, it seems that maybe – just maybe – we are getting close to the end of the pandemic.

However, I am not making any predictions about it. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it has taught me that life is unpredictable. Heck, even the weather became more unpredictable during the pandemic, as this article in Geophysical Research Letters explains.

It's interesting though that this news about the pandemic comes out on the same day as National Superhero Day.

Because no matter what unpredictable things, we need those real-life superheroes who remind us that there are some things – and people – we can depend on. Knowing those people are there makes me optimistic about the future.

Happy National Superhero Day to all Financial Aid Professionals who make the future more predictable for students!



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