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Save for college

Make High School Count

Help 8th grade students plan for college.

Help your student plan for college
Financial aid

Explore financial aid options.

Direct PLUS Loans for parents

Consider borrowing Direct PLUS Loans to help pay college expenses.

Education tax credits and deductions

Claim tax credits and deductions for education expenses.

Going 2 College

Find other career, college, and financial aid resources in your state.

Glossary of college and financial aid terms and acronyms
Glossary of college and financial aid terms and acronyms

Access a variety of flyers and publications to plan and pay for college.

Downloads and forms
College planning and money management for parents

Help your student achieve college and career goals with these tips.

The ABCs of being a good student

The ABC's aren't just for younger students. They can be helpful to high schoolers, too. Download our ABCs flyer to share with your students. You will be asked to complete a short information form prior to access.