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Mapping Your Future is the resource students and professionals need when it comes to trusted online and person-to-person counseling. Mapping Your Future's collection of resources offers college preparation, school selection, and career exploration guidance, as well as information on the student loan process and responsibilities.

Prepare for College

A higher education can lead to the career that you've always dreamed of having. Preparing for your college education will be a great investment for your future.

Pay for College

In order to make higher education as affordable as possible, it's important to learn about the different ways to pay for college.

Manage Your Money

Take control of your life by learning how to manage your money. Find information you need to lead you to financial success.

Explore Careers

With so many career possibilities available, it's hard to narrow down what you want to be. Use our free tools to learn about different professions and how to achieve the right career path.