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March 1 deadline for schools in Tennessee to join the Membership Program January 23, 2017
Mapping Your Future's Membership Program will be implemented Wednesday, March 1, 2017 for schools in Tennessee.

Participating Members, schools in Sponsored states receive several benefits January 20, 2017
Mapping Your Future's Membership Program provides access to several resources institutions have come to depend on from Mapping Your Future.

Meet your organization's college access objectives with Mapping Your Future January 18, 2017
It's a worthy goal and one shared by federal, state, and private organizations — increasing the number of students that complete a postsecondary education.

Department of Education to release Campus-Based Program funding information this week January 12, 2017
The Department of Education announced on Monday that it will providing tentative funding levels and corresponding worksheets for Campus-Based Programs this week.

No time like the present to sign up for MappingXpress January 12, 2017
We know that schools are dealing with 399 codes that may require additional verification.

Share Mapping Your Future resources with students, families, coworkers January 12, 2017
When you find something good, you want to share it, right?

Three tips for dealing with your procrastination problem today – not tomorrow January 11, 2017
When I was a young news reporter, I spoke at a college career event about the field of journalism.

Enjoying the post-holiday celebrations January 06, 2017
Ahhh, January. It's back to work and to a routine.

Turn New Year's resolutions into an Action Plan for 2017 January 04, 2017
As a student, you probably have lots of goals for the New Year.

Guide to Life after High School reinforces discussions about planning, paying for college January 03, 2017
Students can benefit from learning in a variety of formats.

January tasks for high school seniors January 03, 2017
During your senior year, you will finalize your college choice.

Where do I start applying for financial aid? January 03, 2017
If you are a high school senior or the parent of a senior, the next few months can be crucial to applying for financial aid.