Mapping Your Future: Exit counseling resources available


Exit counseling resources available

By Beth Ziehmer

April 19, 2017

You know your students and how to best reach them with important information. That's why Mapping Your Future provides a variety of customizable resources to help you communicate with your students and meet regulatory requirements.


To help you meet the Direct Loan exit counseling needs of your students, Mapping Your Future offers Member schools a Direct Loan exit counseling presentation. The presentation includes regulatory-required exit counseling information, as well as money management content. To accompany the presentation, a Presenter Guide is available in Word format to assist with speaker's notes.

The Direct Loan exit presentation, as well as a Direct Loan entrance presentation, is available in the Member Resources section of the secure Access Area for Member schools and schools in Sponsored states.

Counseling sessions

Since 1997, Mapping Your Future has offered a variety of Online Counseling sessions. The exit counseling sessions include Direct Loan exit (in English and Spanish), Perkins exit, Direct Loan and Perkins combined exit, Direct PLUS exit, Direct Loan and Direct PLUS combined exit, Nursing exit, Health Professions exit, and TEACH Grant exit counseling.

Non-regulatory sessions are available as well, such as Financial Literacy, Grace Period and Repayment, Loan Management, Non-Traditional Student, and Private Loan counseling.

Printable counseling materials

Printable exit counseling materials are available for Direct Loan exit, Direct PLUS exit, and Perkins exit counseling. The materials, including exit counseling content and counseling forms, are located in the Access Area in the Member Resources section.

The variety of loan counseling tools offered by Mapping Your Future enables you to adjust your school's counseling procedures to maximize the benefit to your students, and ultimately lower your school's cohort default rate.

Contact the Mapping Your Future customer care staff at or (800) 374-4072 if you have questions.