Mapping Your Future: Modern times


Modern times

By Catherine Mueller

July 28, 2022

The bathtub decision was complicated.

All I had to do was buy the tub online and pick it up in the store. What could be easier? After all, it's a basic bath with standard features so any tub should work just fine.

However, buying a bathtub is not that simple. I couldn't do it without some help. And it wasn't just because the tub was too heavy for me to carry.

I needed help to figure out what tub to buy. Where should the drain be located? What material can the tub be made of? What size and depth of tub do I need? My heart raced as I hit submit order, worried I had missed some important specification. Hard to imagine a time when people just got a bucket of water and took a bath.

Fortunately, I had some good advisors to help with the purchase of the tub, as well as the many other items I needed for the bathroom renovation. Still, despite all the help, it's still been a stressful process. (Especially, because the order was cancelled a couple of times and I had to start the process all over.)

If buying a tub has become so complicated, it's no wonder we are all under stress. Imagine making a serious life decision like where to go to college and how to pay for it. It certainly helps to get some good advice.

After all, life is not all that simple anymore.