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January 18, 2023

A New Year's resolution

It's been an awkward transition.

The start of 2023, for many of us, has been like jumping a moving treadmill – arms flailing, stumbling as we try to catch our balance.

Whether it's the national or local news, work issues, or other personal issues, it seems like everyone we talk to is going through something right now. Intellectually, we know the new year has nothing to do with everything happening. However, it does seem we barely had time to catch our breath over the holidays when the new year hit us full force.

The best we can do to handle it all is to resolve to take care of ourselves in 2023 – taking deep breaths when we need to calm down, doing those things we find fun, and making sure we take time to eat, sleep, and exercise. Then we're better able to help those around us.

And that is the most graceful move of all.

– By Catherine Mueller



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