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March 28, 2024
Vol. 16 - Issue 7

"What financial aid professionals should know about student loan repayment plans" webinar recording available

In the March 20 webinar, student loan expert Betsy Mayotte of TISLA provided valuable information to webinar attendees.

Mapping Your Future offers a variety of financial literacy tools

During Financial Literacy Month in April, Mapping Your Future encourages you to use its financial literacy tools and share the tools and resources with your students.

Addressing those other items on your to-do list

Check out the new Student Loan Tips flyer to help with your exit counseling information.

Book your time - but no travel - for the 2024 FSA Conference

Once again, it's time to book your virtual space for the 2024 Federal Student Aid Training Conference for Financial Aid Professionals.

Department reminds financial aid professionals where to find FAFSA Simplification updates

Just in case you were afraid to ask, there's a place where you can find everything you always wanted to know about FAFSA Simplification.

The key to your FAFSA status

It's no longer just a matter of "done" or "not done" when considering the status of your financial aid application.

Students begin receiving FAFSA Submission Summaries but can't make corrections yet

The Department of Education began processing FAFSAs in March and some students have received their FAFSA Submission Summaries.

Coming soon. . .

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