Mapping Your Future: Addressing those other items on your to-do list


Addressing those other items on your to-do list

By Beth Ziehmer

March 27, 2024

The FAFSA is getting a lot of our attention and rightfully so.

However, Mapping Your Future recognizes that you have a lot of other responsibilities in addition to helping incoming students. With graduation just weeks away, you may be preparing your graduating and withdrawing students for exit counseling. Whether you use the Department of Education's counseling, do your own counseling, or a hybrid, Mapping Your Future provides resources to help you with the process.

One of those resources is a new flyer for those graduating or withdrawing students. Mapping Your Future developed the "5 Tips for managing your student loans" flyer that provides a list for student loan borrowers to make sure they know key information for repaying their loans.

Also, to help you better understand the different repayment plans and to be able to communicate with your students about them, a March 20 "What financial aid professionals should know about student loan repayment plans" webinar was offered with student loan expert Betsy Mayotte of The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA). The presentation provided valuable information on the various student loan repayment plans and addressed what repayment plan information needs to be included in exit counseling.

The webinar recording is available at

Contact us at or (800) 374-4072 with any questions or suggestions for future flyers or webinars.