Mapping Your Future: Solving the issue of no parent invite


Solving the issue of no parent invite

By Catherine Mueller

January 30, 2024

Among the issues reported with the new FAFSA is the missing parent invite – making it impossible for the parent to contribute to the student's financial aid form. This could be due to a technical glitch or due to the following:

  • The student did not enter their parent's email address or other information accurately. In that case, the student should return to their FAFSA and re-enter the parent information.
  • The student selected that they only wanted an unsubsidized loan or had unusual circumstances. If that is inaccurate, they will need to wait until their FAFSA Submission Summary is available to make a correction and then invite the parent(s).

Mapping Your Future created a FAFSA Tips flyer with suggestions for those students and parents encountering errors and glitches while completing the FAFSA.