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February 7, 2024
Vol. 16 - Special Issue

Can we ask you a few questions about the FAFSA?

Although it may seem like we're hanging on to a light pole in the middle of hurricane-force winds, I am confident that the financial aid community can survive this current FAFSA storm.

One of the reasons I am so confident is the strength of the community.

Many of you have shared solutions and offered support through social media and listservs or by simply reaching out to one another.

At Mapping Your Future, we would like to learn more about the issues you face and so we thought we would just ask.

We created a brief survey after all, we know you are very busy – so you can anonymously share what is on your mind right now. The survey has just three questions and will take about two minutes to complete.

We'll collect the results and share the information with all of you and hopefully, we'll learn more about what is important to the community right now and how we can help each other through the storm.

– By Catherine Mueller



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