Mapping Your Future: Days like this


Days like this

By Catherine Mueller

February 29, 2024

Something that comes along only every four years deserves some recognition.

Even if you aren’t a “leapling” born on February 29, the day still impacts you. We all live and die by the Gregorian calendar – so to speak – so maybe we should just designate this extra day as a gift and make it a holiday.

I think that’s something many financial aid professionals could get behind based on how 2024 has gone so far.

But as it stands right now, Leap Day doesn’t even get a mention on the calendar – at least on the calendars I have in my office and – this is kind of insulting – those calendars are the very reason that leap day exists in the first place.

Some might argue that the day doesn’t have what it takes to be designated a holiday – you know – like honoring a person or event or happening every year (ouch!).

Not to say that Leap Day doesn’t get some respect. Many people celebrate the holiday in different ways – having fun, getting out of their comfort zone, or celebrating their birthday for the first time in four years.

Because of the number of “leaplings” born in Anthony, Texas (and maybe because the town straddles both Texas and New Mexico), the town officially celebrates Leap Day with a two-day festival.

But, get this, because of the way the calendar lands, the festival isn’t on February 29 but instead it’s on March 1 and 2.