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March 20, 2024

Your brain on dogs

If you’ve been forgetting more things lately, like missing a shoe, losing your keys, or leaving your phone somewhere, don’t worry – it’s normal.

It’s your body’s natural reaction to the stress you’ve experienced over the last several months (or maybe years) with all the financial aid changes. According to an article published by the Harvard Medical School, it’s normal to feel disorganized and forgetful when you are under stress. The bad news, however, is that long-term stress can change your brain in ways that affect your memory.

Fortunately, the Harvard Medical School article contains some great tips for dealing with stress, like having a routine, getting rest, and staying organized. I agree – all very reasonable and good advice.

But what if there was another more fun solution to help ease the stress on our brains? May I suggest getting a dog? Granted, our dogs are the first to get the blame when a shoe goes missing, but over the long term, dogs can be a big help with remembering things.

A new study published just last week compared people’s mood or hormone levels after spending quality time with a dog. While there have been past studies finding maybe some good subjective results, like feeling happier, this study measured brain waves.

The study revealed that playing with and walking a dog increased alpha waves, which are linked to lower mental stress and better memory. In addition, grooming and petting a dog strengthened beta waves, which are linked to heighted attention and concentration.

Granted, you may need some additional people in the office to deal with the stress of an increased workload. However, having a dog in the office could make the work a little easier.

Now, where is my other shoe?

– By Catherine Mueller



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