Success in College Guide: Step 1 of 9

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A plan for your education may seem unnecessary. You will just go to school and get an education, right?

Well, it could work out okay that way, but you may end up with a college degree that doesn't fit your interests or skills. By developing an education plan or a plan for college, you are getting your dreams down on paper, and that is the first step in accomplishing your life goals.

Some of the items to include in an educational plan are:

  • A mission statement. What do you want to achieve ultimately? It might be a good idea to review your goals and priorities.
  • A personal inventory. What do you do best? Determine your talents and skills and see how that matches up with your mission. This is also a great list to include in scholarship applications.
  • The results of any research you've done into the possible career fields that match your interest. What is the long-term outlook for the possible jobs in your career field? What are the requirements for the various careers?
  • A calendar of important dates. If you are in high school, include the important dates for your junior or senior years.
  • A list of potential schools, colleges, or universities that you could attend.
  • A financial plan to pay for your education. Do you have any money saved up? Will you be eligible for any scholarships? If you are in high school, make sure your plan includes a calendar of scholarship application deadlines. Also, if you are a senior, be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any school- or college-specific financial aid applications.