Manage Your Money

Manage Your Money Establish Yourself Financially

Establish Yourself Financially

Take these basic steps to get established financially

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Save Money

Establishing a savings account can help you handle the uncertainties of life

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Manage Your Student Loan Debt

Learn how to repay your student loans, no matter how much you borrowed.

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Income-Based Repayment Calculator

Estimate your monthly payment amount under the income-based repayment plan for various federal student loans

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Student Loan Debt/Salary Wizard

Calculate the salary needed to pay your student loan debt

Understanding Take-Home Pay

Understanding Take-Home Pay

Understanding your paycheck and net pay is essential to understanding where you stand financially

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Using Your Credit Cards Wisely

Review our tips for using credit cards wisely

12-Step Guide to Financial Success (Download PDF)

Review these money management tips

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Student Loan Repayment Calculator

Estimate your student loan payments under the standard repayment plan

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Start Budgeting

Take the steps necessary to manage your money

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Review and Understand Your Credit Report

Your credit report is a collection of information about you and your credit history

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Budget Calculator

Develop a saving and spending plan

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Access the Mapping Your Future calculators

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