Cost of Attendance

Students and families can obtain an estimated cost of attendance (COA) on the institution’s financial aid website.

COA includes the following:

You can elect one of the credits below per student per tax year. (There are income limitations so you may not qualify).

Tuition and fees
Books and supplies
Living expenses (housing and food)
Personal expenses (clothing, laundry, recreation)

Sample COA for a school:

Tuition / Fees$2,723$2,723
Living Expenses (Housing and Food)$4,950$7,650
Books / Supplies$1,300$1,300
Personal Expenses$900$900

Estimated tuition/fees are usually higher for out-of-state students.

Once the family has a better idea of the institution’s cost of attendance, they can do their own net price calculation.

Using the scenario above for a dependent student who will remain living at home:

Less Living Expenses (Housing and Food)$4,950
Revised COA$8,523
Less Student Aid Index (SAI)$0
Less Federal Pell Grant$5,500
Less Merit-Based Aid$1,524
Equals Remaining Need$1,502

The remaining need is an estimate of what it will cost the family out-of-pocket to send their student to that particular institution. The family can then decide how to pay that difference. The student could search for other free aid, the family could agree to pay the difference, or the student could get a part-time job and pay the difference. Having the financial aspect of higher education resolved before the first term begins will alleviate stress for both the student and the family.

For more information about the COA for any institution, visit that institution’s financial aid website, or contact their admissions and/or financial aid office.

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