Find Help to Complete the FAFSA

It would be nice if you never had to complete any forms for college but, unfortunately, it’s a part of the process. If you need money for college, one of the most important forms to complete is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Even if you think you won’t qualify for need-based aid, the form is a requirement for many other scholarships and state or campus financial aid programs.

While efforts are underway to simplify the FAFSA, it can still be an overwhelming task. That’s why there are many in-person and online programs across the country to assist parents and students. Following are a list of online FAFSA assistance programs and a list of in-person FAFSA events by state. If you would like to add an event to this list, please contact Mapping Your Future.

Online Events

Visit the Webinars page for recordings of recent FAFSA webinars.

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