Find Work

Knowing how to find a job is a great skill that will serve you well throughout your life.  By following the steps below, you’ll be on your way to finding the job of your dreams.

Get on the Right Path

Assess your skills and interests.
Connect with people in the career field of your choice and learn from them about getting a foot in the door.

Start Looking

Check out these sources of job information:

  • State or college employment offices
  • Newspaper listings
  • Online sources
  • Your family, friends, and other contacts

Start Applying

Learn how to write an effective resume.
Understand the importance of a well-written cover letter.
Know how to complete a job application.
Get ready for interviews.

Follow Up

After any interview that you’ve earned, send a thank you letter to express gratitude for the company’s time, and let them know that you are still interested.

By following these tips, as well as devoting time and energy into your job search, you’ll be on track to building a career that you love.

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