Manage Your Student Loan

If you borrowed federal student loans in the past and now are returning to school, you have a few options:

  • If you return to school while your loan is in the grace period, your loan typically is returned to an “in-school status” as long as you are attending at least half time.
  • If you return to school after your grace period has ended, your loan typically will remain in repayment when you return.
    • If you attend school at least half-time, you can request an in-school deferment on the loan so payments are postponed until a later date.
    • If you attend less than half time, your loan will remain in repayment. You can continue paying the loan or request forbearance to postpone or reduce the amount of your student loan payment.

If you are uncertain about your loan status, it is important that you check with your loan holder.  Determine who holds your loans.

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